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I'm a distance swimmer in the warmer months, walk a few miles daily (outside of the studio) and stay in reasonable shape but am rapidly losing upper body strength due to spine/back/neck injuries from a 1988 head on collision with a drunk driver. Raynaud's is causing major numbness and circulation in my hands and feet. Had lots of tendonitis in years past but have since learned to stretch and ice. The upper arm strength is a big issue - I'm almost 5'3 and can hardly do a 12 block piece. 10 block is awkward now. I find that if a piece is too heavy I tend to feel like I'm going to fall over - no balance. The fact that I am 58 has nothing to do with it I'm sure! In my right hand I have arthritis, trigger finger, and old tendon injury that causes my finger to hyper extend and the reynauds.
I just went to my 40th high school reunion and compared to a few others (it was a small class) I have nothing to complain about! so I'll keep stretching, blow smaller pieces and hope that things don't get much worse. Or that surgery/medicine gets better. Or maybe someone will come along and be my assistant during the week that will handle the large pieces I want to make AND drag the 50lbs bags of cullet to the shop for charging! That's the ticket!~
or maybe I'll sell the studio and move to the beach
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