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I wrote the best clear formula I've ever written for Spruce Pine last year. It's what I use but Spruce Pine has indicated that it does not want to produce the stuff because they have trouble storing Potassium compounds, SO Jim Myers at East Bay has indicated that he will produce it but it won't be pelletized. It's a custom batch at this point and not a stock item.
When John Croucher and Mark Peiser and I were bouncing these ideas off of each other, I submitted this one to John at near the end of two months work, he looked at it and said "I cannot find a single thing to object to in this glass". I wrote a second formula to marry to it which is unoxidized, which is important.

For me that's the highest praise I can get. I think the world of John and Mark. We had the best dinner at Tony R's with Eveline from Shanghai at Corning last June and simply closed the restaurant.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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