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Originally Posted by Kenny Pieper View Post
Josh if you look at the description at the bottom it says there is 2.5 grams of gold there. RioGrande's price today for 2.5 grams 24ky casting grain is $120 so the acid might cost $30 at most with lots left over. Its really not hard 2 parts hydrochloric to 1 cup nitrite in borosilica container with the gold, warm it a bit to get it going and wait for it to desolve and you will have your gold chloride. Sounds a bit scary but it is quite simple.
Thanks Kenny, so is that 2 cups HCl to 1 cup nitric acid the volume you'd use for dissolving any amount of gold, or is that specific to 2.5g gold or more? Just curious if the ratio of liquid volume to gold weight is important.
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