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Jay Holden
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[quote]Originally posted by Pete VanderLaan
[b]Well, I'm back from Oaxaca and Magic mountain is back! Jay, The lead is not "burned out" of the cullet and I don't care who told you that. The lead is a physical part of the glass and that particular glass could not exist without the lead content it has.
The risk is the cullet is mostly in the fine dusts that inherently exist in the cullet itself. For years we all used to say that the lead is bound up in the cullet and it is perfectly safe. It isn't -and that is why Lead glasses can no longer be used for decanters..

I hear ya Pete. We take it for granted that the tell tail yellow orange on the top of our gloryholes is from the lead "burning out" of the glass. This color is all over the blowing room specially at the tank area. But, the company has the blowing room air tested for lead and they still say that it's below alouable standards. The headaches persist and I'm not the only one getting them now. The Drs. are stumped. Now they say it's cluster headaches and they will one day cease. I know about the decanters. I made the decanters for Steuben. I really liked making em too. I have a couple but don't keep liquids in them just for that reason.
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