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Reaction Question

As most everyone knows these days you get a cream reaction when using Ruby Red with a silver based color. Some of them work better than others but universally it seems that any silver based transparent will yield the reaction over a copper ruby red.

I did not want to go into a list of colors that work and don't work just ask the question. What exactly is causing the reaction. Is it the copper and the silver? It is something specific to the Copper Ruby Red that is causing the reaction that is not copper?

The reason I am going down this road is that I would like to expand on the base color that causes the reaction. I have only ever found Ruby Red to react with the cream at contact site with silver. I have found colors that will react and create a red ring, or a black ring, but never a cream one.

I am curious because making a "new" base color to use instead of the Ruby Red for the reaction is my goal. I have the supplies, I have the means, I just don't know this specific chemistry going on here. Could we make a Orange/green/amber/black or a clear that would react like Ruby Red does with silver?

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