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there well may be 3-4 but part of my point is that it would suggest that each studio commit to a specific cullet. I doubt that there will be seamless cordfree compatibility between the variety of products. I suspect it will be quite the opposite. I already experienced difficulty in our crucible if one tried to put Cristalica on top of any other glass. It wasn't a problem that was inclined to go away. So that headache comes down to the studio.

Now it may become the case that a specific geographical area could try to use a specific cullet. That could happen if say, Spruce Pine had a local grown cullet made with bags of Spruce Pine. There would be an attraction to that. I can conceive of someone doing that getting SP batch in the NW but I can't conceive of that working using cullets imported from Germany. Further the German issue still doesn't address the expansions and viscosities of those foreign cullets. Further, if cullet making is balkanized, converting the melt to a usable cullet takes tooling. It will not go well for anyone tempted to put the product in cold water. Have fun fining that stuff out. The whole venture involves tools that are not cheap. Efficiency suggest that the melters be five tons . It also says "Don't turn it off, or up or down. Melt glass". I can visualize one ton melters on the short term. Those puppies are expensive.
And lastly,final pricing. It will not be cheap, no where no how. The smaller the individual markets become will dictate higher prices all by themselves because the manufacturers won't have a volume advantage buying bulk chemicals.

I don't think that the high end glass makers will really be affected by price. If their work costs a lot of money, it won't matter if the individual piece price goes up a couple bucks. It will really affect studios that make widgets and use 25 tons a year.

There's a lot to be said for the obvious: Melt SP87 snowflake.
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