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Dan Vanantwerp
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I melted some of a recent order of SP87 snowflake. I forgot about the work time of The cost though is Lithium. I just can't believe the stuff is 1% lithium. Can this remain a viable option? Eben, do you worry about this?

I have to wonder if all that lithium allows a guy like Lynn (Brossphate thread) to melt a SP87 based opal phosphate in the presence of so much calcium.

I tried a clear batch on my own but compared to Cristalica the clarity was underwhelming. I had visions of myself endlessly tweaking recipes to find something comparable. But one has to remind themselves that the goal is actually blowing glass. I kind of hate my options right now.

Will Kugler clear be lead-based to more easily match everything...seems Pete V sees this as their compatibility strategy.
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