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I would not bet the farm on that analysis. My copies of the SP formula are out in the studio and today, I'm like a lizard on a hot rock ( woodstove) and not going out there but here's my reasonable recollection:

The original Labino formula had a high lithium content and it dissolved everything in sight, so the lithium was lowered. This was back when I was getting lithium for around two bucks a pound. These days? last I looked at was $16.00 buck and that is likely low now. I have a lifetime supply so I am not sweating it.
But, going back, that original glass had a linear expansion of 92. To the best of my recollection, the lithium was lowered to .5 percent and the result was SP87 according to E&T calculations which had a different centigrade range for testing. If expanded to 19C-300C, real world is 96.0 , perhaps a sconce lower. I keep samples of SP87 from decades back so that I can compare modern production values. Something anal retentive but handy. I keep samples of all sorts of glass.
I heard from Greg Fidler today about the Kugler samples and as I suspected,
the shape of the bars indeed is an issue in that they have to be preheated or they blow in the pot which wire people won't be able to deal with. I do think they could change the extruder orifice. In conversation with Cheyenne, I don't think he's handling it and was concerned about the high price. As to Parriot The theory is that there would be four distributors. I am once again thinking this to be wildly optimistic and production potential has to be consistent. Any operation that relies on weekend downtime is to be watched closely. I note for the conversations that SP received a container yesterday of Cristalica which sold immediately. The indication was that they had no idea when they would get more and that communication was really spotty.

So, that's the story today America.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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