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You certainly want to attribute my work as suspicious. Let me be clear.

I approached Cristalica about three years back to become a supplier of cullet and the process was turned over to SP. I had an arrangement that would provide me with a .06 cent royalty to be split between myself and my partner in Shanghai who is a dear friend.

So brought the product in to the US and Tom, Greg and I met at the Corning conference to work out the details. At the time. Spectrum was still running yet in its death throes. It was arranged that samples of the Cristalica would come to me for product evaluation. It arrived, extremely clean for testing and I was initially impressed. On melting, I became far less enthusiastic since I could not fine it out. I tried a lot of approaches. I did defer to SP since they were to receive the bulk of the initial shipment but I was not a happy camper. We experienced sluggish sales and I think that was because Spectrum was still lurching along. I did begin to get feed back, which I also experienced with corrosion from the Cristalica and I began to question Andreea about the boron contenet which was remarkable like the sys 96 that had caused so much trouble. At that time I offered to alter the formula reducing or removing the borax from the formula. That offer was declined which I expected. At that point, for reasons I will not disclose, I withdrew from my partnership with Littleton. It was quite personal.

It remains clear to me that barium will brighten glass. It remains clear to me that lower melt temps can be achieved with borax. It's also clear to me that it's just not a good plan to use borax- period. There are better ways. I did write a formula for Spruce Pine which does not use borax or Lithium John Croucher said it was a glass " he could not find anything wrong with ". high praise when it comes to John . But, it was never a mainstream product since the anticipated lithium shortages or actual rationing never came to be. Tom did not produce it since it was not cheaper than the existing SP87. It still is produced and in my opinion, is a far better glass than SP 87 in that is uses no lithium, no boron and has a far higher luster and good working properties and polishing capacity than SP87. It further doesn't devitrify in casting. It is more expensive than SP87 but is a better glass. It can also be ordered from Spruce Pine. Once Barium goes to 3%, it's a real problem.

The reality is simple. I protect intellectual property from Turds that think it should be public. I will continue to do that despite your insinuations that I have some hidden Agenda. In reality, you really don't know shit.
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