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right now, you're the only one on that list.

So far, you have used my internal run cards to get East Bay to mix a formula of mine and then declined to tell me where you got it. Now, You imply that I'm somehow doing something devious regarding fair review of cullets out there.

Be clear , I have no business relationship with Spruce pine beyond getting .06lb if they mix my formula for anyone. It's more than I ever got from Jim. We are good friends and I'm not expecting it.

Be clear, I have no business relationships with any other cullet company.

I do have friends all over the industry as you may discover. Those friendships are based on fifty years in the trade trying to figure out how things work and then dedicating myself to sharing what of that I can. I've run Craftweb for over 15 years now purely as a method of teaching and disseminating information. The early years were rough but Katie and I worked it out. I have removed very few people from the board. Normally, members write to me privately and ask that I consider removing folks.

You said, a few posts back :

"I tried a clear batch on my own but compared to Cristalica the clarity was underwhelming. I had visions of myself endlessly tweaking recipes to find something comparable. But one has to remind themselves that the goal is actually blowing glass. I kind of hate my options right now."
I think that's probably true. Actually, writing and testing a clear formula is really hard work and it's expensive. If you actually look at clear formulas used in studio glass aimed at a 96 L.E.C. with appropriate viscosity, I think you'll find that there actually aren't a lot of them out there. Most published clear formulations are targeted at production facilities doing high volumes of work. They (published) really don't apply to small shops if they are available to the masses. For much of the time, I've posted formulas as I've worked through them as an open book until recently. Some in the overview are deficient as is the one you have currently. It's part of why I altered it. The entire point of the batch section in Glassnotes IV was dedicated to the notion that making your own glass was not impossible. Most commercial cullets have some real problems, usually in the area of durability but sometimes they fail in specific applications. An example is that SP devitrifies in casting and I've said so many times. It's better than Sys96 or Spectrum premium which assaulted furnaces.

I have great respect for intellectual property and you suggest that's only true if they are people I can benefit from. I don't think that's true at all. Name me an instance where that has occurred. I don't out anyone's work unless they have told me it's OK. I hold formulas for many glass makers and I simply do not reveal them. That includes Tom Littleton's property that his father paid for. I do provide sources that in some instances took me years to find and I have shared them readily when I can. When I can't, it's at the request of the supplier who doesn't feel comfortable sharing the information they gave me as a personal favor. I would say that since I was asked to rework the Spruce Pine concept that the SP batch has barium in it as well.

So be clear I am capable of animus and it's never pretty. After this many years, I can recognize when I need to flex my editorial muscle . It's rare but I can always spot trouble as soon as it appears. At this point, I think you're trouble. Keep it up. See how that goes. I'll continue to cover for intellectual property. So if you think I don't play well with others, by all means ask "others". Maybe it's you.
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