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I don't see the REACH terms stopping the making of clear at all and currently the EU decision really is inclusive of just Arsenic, but the camel's nose is clearly under the tent on chromophores in general.

The problem with boutique cullet is different and it is that there isn't actually any money in doing it currently. If there was you would see upstarts all over setting up one ton melters to make and sell cullet and that is not happening. Oceanside could be making cullet in Tijuana. They aren't. Every one in this country that has tried to make and sell the stuff at a profit has hit trouble. It's not just making it, it's distributing it as well and keeping the engineering specs tight enough. When Cristalica goes from a monitored 5 ton melt per day to a 7 ton melt per 24 hours, I'm fairly sure there are going to be QC issues that glassblowers are going to notice right away. That was clear to me six months back when the demand was going to be unable to be met by supply. Farming out manufacturing is going to be a QC loss of control as well, that I'm also sure of. Making glass right requires care and patience.

Will this lead back to using batch from one of the Stateside or European mixing groups? For some, yes but for schools it will become a school policy issue I'm betting. They like cullet because it's simple and makes the lives of their shop techs easier. It has been a long time since they wanted to make glass from raw materials to make doing it a teachable experience. Karl Platt said it best. "The schools want glass from a toothpaste tube". I think the studios do too actually. If that is to really be supplied, it will be expensive, as in $1.55 to 1.75 lb. I think the calcedonia I make runs $55.00 kg. I would not make and sell it for less. When I make black at $63KG it sells out as fast as I announce the run. I wouldn't make it for less. The irritating reality is that glass is far better worked from pots than from rods.

But if the schools were forced to go back to batch, I'm not sure how the administrations will react to all that dust and stuff. Not sure at all.

but, right now, I understand that the shortage is on, just a bit later than I thought. I imagine there has been some hoarding so it still has to develop into a major issue. I can still buy all the chemicals to make clear at quite the tolerable price. Some of the colorants are becoming expensive though but that will all get passed on to users I imagine.
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