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Cristalica production info from Cristalica :)

Dear Pete,
Dear Craftweb members,

As some of you might now, I work at Cristalica, so I can tell you first hand that there is no shortage in sight. Quite the contrary, we are indeed ramping up to meet each and everyone’s demands. 😊
Quality control is of course not neglected and very important to us – we are taking our time to ensure that the glass is as brilliant as ever.
In order to not get caught up in rumours or suppositions, we invite anyone interested in the glass we produce to please kindly contact our exclusive distributors, i.e. Olympic Color Rods and Spruce Pine Batch for the US and Kuta Glassworks for Canada.
They have the best overview on prices locally, lead times and experiences so far of other customers and are always happy to answer your questions. Also, Olympic and our colleagues from Reichenbach have visited the factory quite recently, so can give a realtime assessment on how we are meeting demand and not pushing aside quality. We like to work transparently with the glass scene, for the glass scene, so questions are welcome.
Moreover, we are also planning for the future, i.e, planning for a new furnace as replacement for when the current one will have lived out its production cycle. More on that always from our partners – which are the best information source - as we move forward, excited for the future. 😉

Hope this provides a bit of clarity.
Thank you and happy melting!

Originally Posted by Pete VanderLaan View Post
So, I received information yesterday that OCR is out of Cristallica? I would like to have that confirmed by anyone. I also understand that SP is out as well.
Currently, the demand in the USA is still 11 tons per day including everyone using cullet. Dobern has a current furnace designed to produce 5 tons per day but will get pushed to make more (7?) which in my experience will mean it makes less high quality glass. Field reports will verify if QC will be an issue. If cullet is indeed made elsewhere, it's unlikely that a site making more than 2 tons per day will pop up and again, QC is key.This doesn't begin to consider the quantity being used in Europe on top of the American demand. How do you lower demand? Raise the Price...

It does keep the consideration of using any of the commercial batches in mind as we go into the fall when Schools throw their weight around ordering cullet. GLASMA , East Bay and SP 87 start looking not just cheap, but just available.

So the next person suggesting making your own is foolish, or melting commercial batch as kind of dumb, well learn to whistle. It likely will be a long fall.
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