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The cullet market seems so dumb.

Where else is there a ton of demand, prices that even seem fairly tolerant to increases, inventory that doesn't spoil and relatively inexpensive shipping? Yet the suppliers keep bailing.

I get that it's energy intensive with furnace equipment that wears quickly, but with the right engineering and energy costs this seems like it would be a pretty good business. There are a ton of studios who don't want to deal with batch and are willing to pay a pretty nice premium to melt cullet. (Cue Pete's rant about people like me wanting clear glass as easy as squeezing a toothpaste tube I appreciate the glass chem experts! I really do! I just want to be able to focus on my work, not the clear.)

I set us (Public Glass) up with a year's worth of cullet because I don't want to worry about gathering over my existing tons of cane and murrine with Crystalica. I just hope that Oceanside gets their production up and running during this year.
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