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Originally Posted by David Patchen View Post
The cullet market seems so dumb.

Where else is there a ton of demand, prices that even seem fairly tolerant to increases, inventory that doesn't spoil and relatively inexpensive shipping? Yet the suppliers keep bailing.

I get that it's energy intensive with furnace equipment that wears quickly, but with the right engineering and energy costs this seems like it would be a pretty good business. There are a ton of studios who don't want to deal with batch and are willing to pay a pretty nice premium to melt cullet. (Cue Pete's rant about people like me wanting clear glass as easy as squeezing a toothpaste tube I appreciate the glass chem experts! I really do! I just want to be able to focus on my work, not the clear.)

I set us (Public Glass) up with a year's worth of cullet because I don't want to worry about gathering over my existing tons of cane and murrine with Crystalica. I just hope that Oceanside gets their production up and running during this year.
It seems straightforward and simple but it's not. Spectrum had rail car service and capacity. Their process and customer service was shit. We'll see how Cristalica shakes out. No one is enthusiastic about the borax in the cullet.
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