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Pete,would you be willing to share the recipe that you told Dobern about.I would like to use the sodium silicate powder in it.I am currently using 15.5 lbs of silica, 29 lbs of the sodium silicate 7.5 lbs whiting, 5 lbs Custer feldspar,4 lbs pot carb ,10 oz lithium carb ,10 oz. zinc oxide,4 oz potassium nitrate 4 oz, 4 oz of barium carb and 3 oz of antimony. I am melting at 2350 and working at 2170.It melts and works fine but perhaps your recipe would be better.I know I have offered before but if anyone that is thinking about batching wants to try the sodium silicate I could get them a 1500 lb super sack free.You would just need to cover freight , that would do 51 batches using the current recipe.The source of this material gets a very good freight rate so I think it would be a viable option if you are thinking about wanting to get into batching. There are a few people using Sodium silicate so it does make good glass, I will be at Acre booth 1410 if you want to see it.My calculated coe is 94 and it works well with the current colors from Kugler, Reichenbach. If you decided to batch colors Rollin Karg uses it in his colors.
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