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Originally Posted by Ron Mynatt View Post
I am melting at 2350 and working at 2170.It melts and works fine but perhaps your recipe would be better.I know I have offered before but if anyone that is thinking about batching wants to try the sodium silicate I could get them a 1500 lb super sack free.You would just need to cover freight , that would do 51 batches using the current recipe.The source of this material gets a very good freight rate so I think it would be a viable option if you are thinking about wanting to get into batching. There are a few people using Sodium silicate so it does make good glass
So the person that Pete just mentioned having a bad experience with in his last class would claim that he or she can get away with lower melt temps because of starting with the sodium silicate mix in a homemade batch. If that's accurate, then I'd be curious, Ron, about your melt and working temp which seem higher than most I think. Does your mix have a higher viscosity that needs the higher gathering temps?
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