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Josh,I have spoken to 2 of the studios that the melt the Sodium silicate Rollin and Terra Studios They do melt at between 2225 and 2250 so it does melt well at that temp they are working at between 2050 and 2000 .Rollin uses the sodium silicate for most of his colors and Terra does solid copper blue glass forms. It may be my recipe , since when I cut my lithium in half it seemed stiffer then what I was use to. A benefit of lowering the lithium is that my cords went away I don't even potato any more since it was not helping . I did bump my temp up from 2140 to 2160 to stay with old my comfort level.I charge 28 lbs of batch every 45 min. and by having it at 2350 the batch is melted and flattened out so I can stay on schedule. In regards to the iron content, since everything I make has color frit or bar the iron does not affect me .I know Rollin's clear glass sculptures are much thicker so that is why he does not use the sodium silicate in his clear .Again if your glass has color in it then iron does not seem to have a impact. I do know that having sodium silicate does help in melting faster and is less corrosive and less material is lost to volatilization since it is already in a glass powder form. For wire melters sodium silicate might not work for them but if you are thinking of batching with a gas furnace then just pay freight on 57 % of your batch works for me.
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