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Originally Posted by Pete VanderLaan View Post
If I look at the economy right now, it should be well on the way to dismal by Feb. All these state and local govts have to have balanced budgets and they will be in massive layoff mode, flat broke from virus fighting. All the service industries that are begging for help like the airlines will be laying off. 30 Million people will be getting evicted from their homes in the very near future and their landlords will not be able to pay their lenders either. This is all profoundly serious and it did not need to happen. An awful lot of people who know are saying "Depression".
The way I've viewed the last four years is as a huge cash grab for the .1%. Those who understand the global economy have known for a while now that the US will not be top dog for much longer. Trump being the opportunist that he is simply saw a way in to tip the scales in his favor. The other powerful rich people have been all too happy to see him take the heat with his circus antics while they continue to reap the benefits. I don't care if Bezos owns the WP and supports people writing nasty things about Trump and his alleged pee tape and bad scalp reduction surgery. It all plays into the narrative.

No one here is looking at the long game. The powers that be keep focusing on either last month's numbers or how the stock market is doing today. There are already plenty of people that have been living in their cars for at least two months. Evictions have already happened, and will continue to. The big wave has yet to hit. The fact that the government throws a $1,200 check at a family for a month and thinks that will actually help just shows how out-of-touch and in denial we are all in about what the the majority of American's lives are really like.
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