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Spectrum was owned in part by Dale's cousin. It had made sheet glass for windows in uninspired colors for a long time and that business collapsed in 2008 essentially.

I can't recall when Spectrum started making cullet and it's hard to say what influenced them beyond excess capacity. It could have been Dale encouraging them since prior to that Pilchuck used Northwest Glass as a primary cullet supply and it was dreary as a glass even with boatloads of soda dumped into it. In the final game, the real estate was worth far more than the meager profit it offered and those furnaces are not cheap yet all needed to go.

When I was there, Pilchuck was using about 3,000 lbs a week and that was well before the surge into glass from the '80's. Close shipping was indeed an issue. Being able to drive down to Seattle from Stanwood saved a lot of cash.

It will be interesting to see how the Oceanside does in the market. I don't see what you replace boron with unless it's fluorine or lithium and lithium is a financial rollercoaster. Fluorine, well, it justs eats your tooling.

I expect a lot of shaking out in the next 18 months. If it's fluorine, the kiln crowd will really hate it. Goodbye elements.
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