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Greg please understand I went through tons of the original formula with tons of system 96 color. Never a problem beside coe shifts from holding color in the pot to long or to hot. Iím still melting the sp clone and still have buckets and buckets system 96 color. As much as I want them to fit they donít. Iím left with now 350 lbs of original studio nuggets that I strictly use for dicro (coated on system 96 sheet) with aventurine and other system 96 colors. Same weights will explode if made with the clone, cristilica or clean 96 batch. This is my real world experience. It was tested by two people I respect in the community and reported to be 94.1. I understand that goes against what you believe to be true but to me explains the loss of a s-ton of work in the annealers and my inability to make these glasses fit. I donít know what else to say but maybe spectrum measured differently. There are different ways to calculate coe of glass.
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