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There is virtually no tech information out there from them, especially compared to someone like bullseye. That, and they have a tendency to have fairly dramatic changes or holdups that leave people hanging.

System started the trend with all of their cullet/coe drama. I was hopeful there would be a change with Oceanside, but since discontinuing the non fusible, release of the questionable flake, and major late arrival of cullet; a positive trend is not showing. I've also noticed quality changes on the new fusible, and not for the better.

I know companies have their growing pains, but what was billed as kind of a turn key operation, I was forced to make a decision to wait them out, with nothing in terms of regular updates, or go with an available alternative. I chose the latter out of necessity. That meant significant wasted material, and a brief period of grumpy renters; but smooth sailing otherwise. Either all other glass would need to cease to exist, or their product price would need to nosedive, in order to win me back as a customer.
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