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Today's news

I removed the scum from the top and have made a few test pieces. A simple thread test stayed pretty straight. Incidentally, I ordered my Spruce Pine 87 a little too late,having run out, I made my own clear glass.

One was a cylinder to cut and check as a ring test piece, it is in the annealer and I will see tomorrow. One thing that I noticed on the trim scrap was the white glass still seems to have a rough texture.

It looks ok cased in clear but by itself, not too smooth. It almost looks like tiny bubbles that when you feel them exhibit a rough texture.

Am I too picky? or is that what this is supposed to look like.

You guys were right in that it seems less dense than the cryolite white.

I like this two furnace thing but may have to put the brakes on for a while and shut one of them off. The latest gas bill topped $1700.

Thanks for all of your help.
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