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This afternoon's work

This afternoon we pulled some white stars cased in dark blue.

The white was the phosphate opal, and the blue was cobalt oxide tinted SP87.

The phosphate white is definitely not as dense, but... the star seemed to hold its shape better.

The murrini also seemed to cut better than the cane we did a while back with the cryolite white, which some split as we were trying to cut them.

The second part of the test is to see how sharp or how distorted the murrini become on the surface of a small blown piece, like the size of an ornament.

Now looking at the 2 stars side by side
at this point I might have to vote for the Phosphate opal as far as keeping its shape but we shall see tomorrow.

Pete, I really got a lot out of the class and now I finally have all my ducks in a row enough to put some of what you taught us in practice.
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