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I too think there is something to that. I've melted with and without wetting down the batch and the wet went way better.

A side note on that... Hugh had told me about using a tiny amount of manganese to oxidise it. When melted dry the opal was white, when melted wet it would be a very pretty rose color, which says to me a radical change (increase) in the oxygen content of the glass, bringing the manganese into the valence state showing max color.

What Hugh mentions about compensating batch and the amount of sodium in tsp is another possible reason to use the sodium tripoly phosphate. The stpp is .42 sodium and .58 phosphorous, the tsp is .24 sodium, .19 phosphorus, .57 H2O.

I think Nick's glass is a great formula too, with the exception of too much lithium to work as a lampworking glass. I shouldn't really complain about that either, it was never intended for lampwork when it was designed.
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