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I got a copy of Kurinsy several years ago for almost the cost of shipping. It is a deadening read actually.Three months of self isolation and still not done. Three or four pages at a time is enough. But recalling his GAS presentation almost accusing everyone in the audience of intentional ignorance, it is interesting to read the historical information, much of which has been there, at least being compiled in readable form. Our adulation of Venice and the prominently advertised Egypt-ology, has overshadowed most of what came before that. Historical record was scarce 3000 years ago.
This story almost excludes the sociopolitical (ie warfare, conquest) that was coincident and makes it a little hard to overlay with the world history we were all taught, but puts some context into why glass was slow compared to ceramics, bronze and iron around the world. The pyrotechnology had to develop with wood as the major fuel.
Aloha, Hugh
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