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Richard, from what I have seen so far it seems that the fatter (lower guage wire) you use the longer it last because the chemical reaction starts killing the wire from the surface of the wire inwards and eventually gets to the point where you have a very thin(effective diameter/guage) conductor surrounded by oxide. Is this correct?

My question however is what would be the difference in Temp. between the glass itself and the thermocouple reading for a gas fired furnace and a wire furnace(wire around the pot).
I wonder if surrounding the pot with wire is more effective than gas. Brice Is that what you were leading up to? That wire can give more heat to the glass because it surrounds the glass?
If you placed your thermocouple on the side like in the electric furnace would you see the same temp as in your gas furnace with the thermocouple on top. Not sure where you would shoot the flame for a side thermocouple reading. Dont know much about gas except I can light Glory hole ok now and it gets hot ok.

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