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Brian Gingras
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Originally posted by Steve Stadelman
There comes a point where describing melting energy in pounds becomes pretty non-descriptive.

A 200lb pot is almost the same size as a 300lb pot, same for 80 and 100.

What always makes the difference is the size of the furnace itself, watts per cubic foot will probably be the best standard.
Ok, I understand that...what's the "rule of thumb" for watts per cubic foot.

I know a more accurate way of determining the wattage would be to determine that actual heat loss of a given furnace, and that will give you it's idle point, plus whatever you need to increase the temp...all of which is determined by the thermal mass of the whole thing, plus the thermal mass of the glass to be I have a headache...and I have to design one of these this year, it's gonna be a blast, I can see it now!
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