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High Temp Crucibles

I am pleased to introduce High Temp Refractory Company of Portland Oregon. I have been working with this 40 year old company for the last year developing crucibles for the studio glass industry. It is now the original equipment supplier for all of Steve Stadelman's Moly furnaces and has become my primary supplier for larger crucibles in the glass trade. Currently, I am the exclusive representative for High Temp Crucibles .

We have been field testing a 92 percent alumina body for these pots and have found them to perform extremely well in the field. The quality of the castings is superior in every way, the freight, handled by Fed-Ex Freight and UPS ground are extremely reasonable in their rates.

They cost a good deal less than any of their competitors.

We are currently selling a 34 inch pot, a 24 inch pot , a 28, a 19, a 16 a 14.5 inch pot and a 7 inch pot. The capacities of each of these pots will be similar to those of Engineered Ceramics. More sizes will come in the fall . We decided to concentrate on pots that are in wide usage first and to field test them. Those results have been excellent without problems of any sort over a prolonged period. I placed them with both experienced and inexperienced shops so I could get a good handle on the levels of abuse they would tolerate. The initial pots placed with Rick Satava had him melting his silver cobalt lustre glass which is profoundly corrosive. After three months in the furnace, we took the pots and diamond sawed them to show that these glasses had not penetrated the casting in any way. Currently Boyd Suguki and Josh Simpson are using the 24 inch pot as the primary melter and are happy campers. Steve Stadelman thinks enough of the pots that he is using them exclusively in his new furnaces.

High Temp makes and sells all sorts of refractory products for extreme temperature applications. I will also have available a variety of bricks, castables, mortars and insulating materials that will ship from Portland at reasonable prices. I will initially maintain these products in Portland only to keep from having to ship them twice, thereby keeping costs down. I will post a link to those products and their pricing soon. They are all available now.

Current Pricing for crucibles is as follows:

34 inch pot (600lb) $2132.00
28 inch pot (400lb) $1432.00
26 inch pot (393lb) $1327.00
24 inch pot (270lb ) $ 735.00
22 inch pot (190lb) $ 712.00
19 inch pot (145 lb) $ 568.00
14.5 inch pot (80lb) $ 315.00
11.5 inch pot (37LB) $ 175.00 straight wall
12.5 inch pot (92lb) $ 335.00 Straight wall 16 inch tall
11 inch pot (33lb) $ 185.00
7 inch pot (18lb) $ 65.00 Straight wall


All FOB Portland OR. Visit our Store

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