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It is a fine slipcast for that size pot and it held up really well. We never lost one, we simply pulled them from the furnace so we could saw them up. That particular pot does not look as clean as the EC pot but in my opinion, it really delivered the goods. The larger pots are coarse grain tabular alumina as are the ones from EC but the casting is a lot tighter.

I don't want to bad mouth one manufacturer over another as I never bad mouth LaClede and I will still supply EC pots for those that want them . I am saying that the castings from High Temp are simply superior in quality as to the castings and the diamond sawing results were everything I could have hoped for. Steve switched to High temp so I suppose he might offer up his opinion. I don't know. I do think that when I am able to sit on the floor in the production facility with the president of the company drawing on the floor that I am in my element. This is a big operation , making major components for industry but they are giving this project their rapt attention. I like these guys.
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