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Being a complete novice to pots, I donít know what is passable and what is not. At this point I guess I need an education. I prefer that education to cost me as little production time as possible.

As I inspect the three new pots again.

A revision in the previous post: The pots seem to have slip on spots on the top and the lower inside has kind of a swirl affect and rumply bottoms. I donít know if this is part of the casting process or post casting. I thought the swirl affect was the slip covering talked about earlier, but, might have assumed to quickly.

What are the black spots surrounded by a brown halo imbedded on the inside of the pots? Is this a problem?

One pot has a pencil mark on the outside leading to the lip. On the inside corner of the lip from that pencil line there is an approx. half by eighth inch spot that that looks like it is ready to chip out. Is this a problem?

On another pot there is a very tiny crack on the top of the pot, by the inside wall. It travels that corner approx. 1/8 to a ľ inch. Touching that crack and going about 1 ľ inches down inside the pot is a raised rough line. Is this a problem?

Thanks for your help and patience.
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