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34 inch pot (600lb) $1945.00
28 inch pot (400lb) $1362.00 AVAILABLE AUG'08
24 inch pot (270lb ) $ 675.00
19 inch pot (145 lb) $ 515.00 AVAILABLE SEPT '08

The prices are sort of funny with the various sizes. The 270 is a "steal",....or I guess you could see the others as pricey.
I'm sure everyone has there reasons for running the pot(s) they choose, but I'd have a hard time paying more than double for a 400 when you could have 2 270's which are almost as large as the 600 (in capacity). I guess the furnace to hold them would be quite a bit larger.
I wonder why the prices aren't more even, relative to capacity?

I've run EC pots with fine cracks, some 2/3's down the side without any trouble. I admit it's hard on the nerves, but Pete/EC adjusted the price and I just ordered another spare. I doubt anyone here has abused any pot more than I have the ECs. 2200f to 850f in about 6 hours, full blower & no fuel! I'd call that ABUSE! It happened to the same pot multiple times, flame impingement killed my early pots. Never had issues with thermal shock.
I'm just saying this to let you know not to worry. I'm not paid for endorsements.

I'm glad to hear Pete's found another great product to offer. Competition is good. Sometimes one supplier might be out of stock and the competitor will have just what you need. It's good for prices too. Freight might make the difference for us on the east coast.

Pete, any idea what is used as a binder for the tabular alumina? I priced it a while ago from Remet and but they "couldn't" tell me the binder to use. It's always seemed like the interior castings of a glass furnace should be made from something as "bomb-proof" as the crucibles we use. Would colloidal alumina work? Or is it something else?
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