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Fireye Flame Safety

I'm continuing to sell off backup and extra studio equipment that I know I won't be using in the future. I no longer have the space or desire for additional equipment. I have a New never used Fireye Flame Safety monitor. It comes with an Ultra-violet scanner with a 6ft flex cable. Feel free to contact me with any questions. $375.00

A friend from the board brought up that some may not know what this is... If you are going to build a gas furnace it starts here with your flame safety. Your insurance company and your building inspector are going to require a flame monitor. This is the Cerebral Cortex of your Gas Train. It senses your combustion air (signal sent from your air sensor) opens a gas valve pilot solenoid along with a spark to the ignition. The purple peeper sees the ultraviolet of your pilot light and leaves the system on. If your blower goes down the system shuts off. If the peeper doesn't see ultraviolet from an active flame, it isn't fooled by the infrared from your furnace heat, it shuts the system down. New these start at $1000 and go up. You will still need a burner system but it makes no difference if it is an Nozzle Mix or a Mixer T Gibberson type burner. If you are going to propane I would go with a peeper monitor vs. a Baso Valve. I live in Wisconsin where propane freezes. It is a real concern. You will still need the appropriate valves and a High Pressure/Low Pressure sensor. The big bites to swallow in building a gas system are the flame safety, burner, blower, valves and pipe. If you know your way around a salvage yard you can scrounge pipe and ball valves. Some building inspectors require one on any open flame piece of equipment. There's others on the board here who are quite comfortable with gas that can chime in with other do's and don't s of gas systems. But ya gotta have Flame Safety period. You are dealing with too high of a volume of gas going into a small space to take any chances.

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