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Have We Reached "Peak Bong?"

Just got back from Hempfest, and wish to report that most all the boro people have added lots of silicone stock to their wares. I don't know what having floppy pipes and bongs says about anyone, but they were flying out of the booths.

This could be the last Hempfest. They had to cut two performance stages this year (no great loss; it's never been a music festival) due to lack of funds, but there seemed to be the same number of vendors and visitors as last year. Many fewer freebies in the swag department, and stuff that used to be given away free is now for sale or winnable (maybe) by spinning a wheel. Some vendors wouldn't even let you spin unless you "liked" them first on Facebook! Say it with me: "lame."

I did, however, win a t-shirt I'll never wear, and a fidget spinner, which I'll probably get bored with in a few hours.
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