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The glasma alternative

Bill Glasner here, glass worker since 1973. Back in 2004, I began looking for a better glass for my work and I found it - Glasma formula 705 from Sweden. Long story but I became the North American distributor for this light barium batch in 2005 - Studio Glass Batch LLC. I'm jumping in now because it seems that Glasma has gotten some undeserved bad rap which it's time to respond to. This batch was specifically formulated for studio and school use and quickly became the batch of choice in Northern Europe and Britain. It is completely pelletized and dried, compatible with colored glasses, easy to melt at relatively low temperatures, sold at a reasonable price, and warehoused for quick shipment. Given the uncertainties of the cullet market and as an alternative to domestic batch, Please check out or just give a call 585-924-9579. I can put you in touch with many satisfied customers for testimonials.
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