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the glasma alternative

I am guessing that the underserved bad rap comes from people who haven't actually used Glasma batch and have something else that they are trying to promote. I have posted on Glasma earlier.
I was contacted recently by someone who wants to try Glasma in an electric moly furnace, which I have no experience using. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who melts this batch with electric. Also, this person said that he had heard that Glasma was corrosive to crucibles with high alumina content. Not sure what pots he was talking about. I have been using pots from Engineered Ceramics and am getting 3 years life from a crucible due to the low melt temps that I am using. I melted Glasma in Laclede Christy fomlac pots for years as well but switched because of size. Laclede didn't make the perfect size for me and Engineered did.
I am really surprised more people haven't switched to Glasma. It seems to me to be the ideal glass. It is an extremely consistent product that gives great results. I have had nothing but perfect melts in the 14 years that I have been using it. No cords and the only stones come from my ancient furnace.

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