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Making a modification to your furnace could help if you can put an exhaust tube in the door and open that tube when you are in a charging fining cycle.

Another alternative is to install a blower on that tube and then put in another tube elsewhere and to blow out the exhaust through the furnace. I know one person doing this and he is successful melting fluorine opals in an SiC furnace.

I read that you don't like batch yet in touting Phillips you seem to ignore SP87 in its entirety. It should be made clear that the Spectrum 2.0 cullet was an absolute clone glass of SP87. So, if I was looking at that from my attitude resplendent with squelching, Both East Bay Batch and Spruce Pine make a lithium batch at about a half percent or greater. SP contains no borax. It's also worth noting that GLASMA makes a variety of batches. I don't know if Bill imports more than one. The browning sounds like selenium to me.

As to the etching etc, It sounds like your ventilation should be greatly improved on if you don't care for breathing fumes from your work environment as you seem concerned with health issues. A complete air change of the room is appropriate once every two minutes or better to keep clean air. Is that squelching as well?
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?

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