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The Glasma Alternative

Yes, I meant undeserved and I should have caught that.
The price difference is not really that significant. $.88 verses $.70 for SPB 87 ER (the batch that I used to use). What you get for that 18 cents/lb is a much better looking glass by any measure, great energy savings, much longer crucible/furnace life and a lot less silica dust to deal with. I do like blowing Spruce and I feel like I am a slightly better glassblower with it, but I feel as though I can make anything with Glasma that I could make with Spruce.
As per the spectrum 2.0 being a clone of SP87Ö it sure didnít behave like it in my experience but I guess thatís a moot point now.
And Pete, would you consider moving this discussion back to the general hot glass discussion? I feel that many people wonít find this in the current location.
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