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Beginners using colour

Iím a self taught beginner working in the garage at home.
In lockdown líve finally allowed myself to use the colour bars I bought on eBay ages ago. Till now Iíve just used clear and found judging the heat in the gloryhole really challenging, along with everything else. A bit of transparent colour though makes the temperature much more visible. I can see whatís happening as I build up heat!
So, should I add a small amount of cobalt to the pot each time? A pale blue would be nice. If so how much cobalt carbonate per kg? Iím melting crystalica.

As an aside, I just bought the ďglass blowers guideĒ videos and at my level they are great. As are Boyd Sugikiís videos on the Corning web site. There is so much to learn and plenty of room for more tutorials on line if anyone is up for it.
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