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getting it even is a preposterous endeavor with cullet. It is just not going to happen with grains the size of an ant next to a chunk the size of a golf ball. Indeed it will turn streaky blue but batch additives are the way to go. Try making a fluorine opal in cullet.

As long as the glass community turns away from the pursuit of quality through persistent applications, it will get what it gets. I used to not understand how coloring glass would vanish as applied information every other generation but it's easy to see why now.

A demo for GAS back in St Petersburg was done on adding color to cullet, much of the information coming out of the archives here. I have a friend who was at one time the president of GAS who wrote to me wondering how the presentation ever got out of the selection committee. When I consider all of the work that has been done by real shining lights in the field, it's hard to believe it happens. I think of Chuck Savoie, Mark Peiser, Dick Ritter, David Hopper, Fritz Dreisbach, Jim Lundberg, Steve Correia and many more I apologize for not mentioning. They sought the very best. Those pioneers of the latest round of forgotten methods are the ones I turn to. Knowing that Mark went to Weyl's door and asked questions is something I would have died for.
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