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Originally Posted by Sky Campbell View Post
I have one and my curiosity was peaked in this thread so I made the call. Interesting I was told new castle stones changed over the years as the mine became depleted. The deeper they went the more the stone changed. Some of the tells of the age is the color of the stone. All interesting history to me.
******We were made aware of the depletion of the stone by Sam Scholes while he was still about. His family informed me that it was pronounced "SKOLES". There are other items like that. Mullite passed out of formal existence around 1970. Gerstley Borate too went away. All were synthesized, some woefully inadequately. Real Calcium Phosphate from bat shit is a pale replacement for the crap pedaled on us today. Bone ash 21 was remarkable stuff. These days? Just try to find Calcium monophosphate or for that matter mono T-9.

I find that to be really reassuring for some odd reason. It gives the old guys something to talk about. "Ou sont Les Neiges d'antans?.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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