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Originally Posted by Brian Wong Shui View Post
In our situation, at current pricing for SP87ER and electric rates and ignoring maintenance and other operational issue, cullet can get to ~1.45USD/lb before it it becomes more expensive than batch on a total cost of ownership basis.

When you factor in that Cristalica has to be 100F hotter across the range to get into a decent viscosity range and its appetite for refractories, I think that it washes out the cost advantage.

Operationally for us, cullet allows us peak capacity during the busy season where we need to charge late at night and be ready in the morning. It also allows us to maintain a cleaner studio by cutting down on the dust issues.

The best scenario for us would be to run batch primarily with cullet being available for peak capacity, quick turnaround situations.

I think a question I always have is the sustained time it takes to melt batch as opposed to cullet. As they say, time is money. Convenience is yet another issue. Further, in wire units, it's not a choice really. With Moly's what I really disliked about it was that you couldn't turn up the heat

I continue to want to look to the final product. At what point is raising the price necessary and how much would it be noticed? Is working a glass one actually likes as opposed to one that you just tolerate a factor at all?
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