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We switched to Cristalica back in August in our wire melter(Skutt 80 pounder). It's managed to eat a nice flue out of my furnace and we are always brushing off borax buildups off our lid around the hole it ate.

I'm expecting an early element failure in this furnace this year. I'm really curious as to what the inside of it will look like when we take it down this summer, if we make it that long before an element failure.

So far our pot (one of Pete's, brand new last summer) is holding up fine, not noticing anything too objectionable with it yet, but the day is still early.

If you are running gas and/or have a flue in your furnace, you wn't see the build ups nearly as bad as those of us running sealed electric units without a flue. C will make a flue around your door.

We are talking about what we will replace this wire furnace with if the inside is as trashed as we are starting to fear we'll find. Whatever we do, it'll be hot enough to melt batch because I'm not going to keep playing this game after a full rebuild. I'll build a gas furnace if I have to, I don't know that I can afford to go molly, startup costs are too high for me to go that route.
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