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Originally Posted by Mitcheal Veenstra View Post
We switched to Cristalica back in August in our wire melter(Skutt 80 pounder). I don't know that I can afford to go molly, startup costs are too high for me to go that route.
Moly would not help if you are melting a borax laden batch. I think you'd see similar dissolution of the fireclays and silicates. I'm mildly surprised to keep hearing the pots seem OK. It's a high alumina and the borax doesn't seem to be eating it.

I think Gas will be better. I also think building a flue into the door on your skutt that you plug when you're not melting would help. I know of one glassblower who actually has a small blower that he turns on for 30 seconds every half hour or so that exhausts those fumes. with positive pressure in the kiln. That's being done to dispel Fluorine in a silicon carbide unit.
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