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in today's world, technology can play a big part. a few years ago, I was told about a glassblower in Canada that did nothing but make Christmas balls and could produce between 300-400 per day, by himself. He was a former engineer at IBM or Xerox and made equipment that allowed him to produce huge quantities while not compromising his health and body. This allowed him to actually compete with the cheaper imports in price. I won't go into detail as to some of the equipment he created to achieve this.

I used to be able to do a small version of blowing "off the Hump" but could onlt get about 3-4 pieces from it. Marble makers were always making multiple pieces from one setup. I remember seeing Jody Fine many years ago that only ran his furnace for a few weeks making setups and then shut down. Afterwards he would bring the setups up to temp and picked them up sat down at his bench/chair and proceeded to make marbles while he watched TV. He never had to get up except when he was required to go pickup a new setup. He did it all without getting out of his chair. annealer was near by and he just knocked off into the annealer.
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