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Sure Charlie. It worked great! as far as I can tell. I sold the furnace in April of this year so I didn't get a chance to rebuild it and see if there had been any unseen effects. But all in all it worked as if hoped.
We melted nuggets not batch but it heated up at the same rate as fast as I can tell. ran in nonstop for 2+years I think. Had some pitting on the interior surface of the crucible after all that time running, to be expected. Only mistake I made that I know of was using two hard bricks for the sill replacement. Should have used one large piece or cast it. Over time the bricks seemed to shrink and pull away from each other. Otherwise when we put the furnace back together I treated the round pot casted in a square of mizzue just like the square crucible and put the insulation back the same. Fired it up the same. Everything worked fine for us. As I'm remembering I don't think we used mizzue underneath the crucible when we cast it. That is to say I didn't want to add any additional thickness of height to the crucible. I think I have a couple of pic I'll try to post.
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