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Originally Posted by Jordan Kube View Post
Well there's no way this stuff is compatible. Imagine throwing a bunch of zirconia into your melt! The color is beatiful though. I'm probably going to have to melt my own custom clear and offset the expansion if I want to do it this way. I might hit you up for some advice Pete.
Two inches is rather huge. You'll never make a Hagy seal out of it that survives nor will a ring test do anything. I could take a cane 4mm (pencil lead size) diameter and make a run at the dilatometer but I would bet on something in the mid eighties.
This is where it gets hard using cullet, crushed or whatever. It's really hard to add stuff to cullet and remain accurate or not cording it up. If you do try, use potassium or lithium . They'll do different things. Potassium is kind to the color but doesn't move expansion as easily and Lithium will move expansion and make it kind of cordy.
This sort of stuff is likely easier in Boro since it hardly expands in the first place although lithium would wreck it.
Rather than to try to make a clear that's not compatible with the known world, I'd be more inclined to make a conventional assault on the color.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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