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Kevin Bethea
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The Littleton Point?

So where does The Littleton Point come in? I was reading the interview from the oral history for Harvey K. Littleton and it mentions his father coming up with it but doesn't really date it.

MR. LITTLETON: And so it was his job to get rid of the dark of the moon as a factor in making glass, among many other things. He defined annealing, the softening point of glass, which became an international standard.

MS. BYRD: The Littleton Point.

MR. LITTLETON: The Littleton Point, one way of determining what is a glass and differentiating one glass from another. There are literally an infinite number of glass compositions possible. And so, it's difficult to say precisely what one glass is without some kind of comparison to another glass.

A quick google tells me that it measured the softening point to compare glasses but I was just wondering how that fit in the whole picture. sounds like viscosity being measured to me but what do I know? This has been a cool thread.
Kevin Bethea
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