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so, putting together a shopping list from us pigments.. I want to understand that what it's called in the recipes is what it's on the website because I was never a potter and this stuff is still new to me... I've read with interest all of this over the years and now am excited to start putting stuff I'm reading into use and truly learning..

Red Copper is also called Cuprous oxide, but on USP it's Copper Oxide Red?
When something calls for Copper Oxide which? (Red, Black, or Carbonate?)
Red iron is maybe Iron Oxide Red (Spanish) on USP? (same as ferrous oxide?)
Cobalt, is Cobalt oxide? (carbonates add o2, not what we want I think)
Nickle oxide, black or green from USP?
Black tin is Tin Oxide Black (Stannous oxide) on USP?

At least I'm not asking about manganese dioxide, that I can figure out, and it's really cheap compared to others.

notebooks will be kept.. it's time to learn!

I know this is all simple stuff compared to actually batching things but I need to start somewhere and I have everything I need save the oxides now to do it. At least I'll start somewhere.
so much to learn.. so little time to learn it....
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