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Originally Posted by Josh Bernbaum View Post
So my closest ceramic supply I get stuff from sometimes, which is still 2 hrs drive away (I live up in the woods..), used to stock the 200 mesh silica from Short Mountain Silica Co. That's from Tennessee I believe. But they only stock the silica from Sil-Co-Sil brand now. I'm not making clear glasses currently, just colors, so that said, should I care at all which one I use? The Short Mountain did seem to be quite clear and iron-free which I saw before the phosphate I made got a chance to strike any. I've also never tested the moisture content of the sand I've used. I've just either been lucky or it's been consistent bag to bag with the Short Mountain stuff, so I guess just thinking out loud and wondering if that can vary from source to source?
It sure can.
Spruce pine found a new silica source that ya vastly improved the clarity of their glass. What ever they were using before would always yield greenish tints on thick work. The new glass is water clear.
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