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Automotive heater hose 1Ē will fit snugly on the blowpipe. A rubber stopper or cork in the end of that to connect your swivel. For the mouth piece Iíve seen everything from custom glass ones to repurpose of an old ink pen. I little imagination and ingenuity. This is a lot easier then designing and making art glass.

My guess is if Olympic would deliver to Trinidad this wouldnít be a discussion.
Not to dismiss if Olympic made such a great blow hose set up why would so many make their own. I could critique that but if you read my posts above you will gleam my decision to make my own rather then buy one off the shelf.

Firekist 1/4Ē 90degree double swivel for the win. If you own one you understand people that donít own one will say itís not worth the extra money.
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